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Wrap-around care and after school club information about our school.

We believe that a broad and engaging extra-curricular programme is very important and we believe it allows our pupils to:

  • Learn new skills or improve existing ones
  • Take responsibility
  • Represent the school
  • Explore and develop gifts and talents
  • Make new friends
  • Develop character traits including resilience and determination
  • Consolidate subject matter

Pupils can suggest ideas to members of staff, their form tutors or even talk to their class School Council representative as a communication channel.

Please note the sports clubs are weather-dependent and are subject to change if there are upcoming fixtures/parents consultations/staff meetings.

Due to the current pandemic, we have carefully considered how extra-curricular events are able to go ahead. Our staff are following guidance to ensure that activities go ahead whilst considering COVID-secure procedures.

We enhance our curriculum through our school clubs and continue to champion competitive and non-competitive sports, care for ourselves and the environment, the joy of physical activity, developing social skills and most importantly giving back to the community. Our current range of clubs can be found below:

  • Running
  • Change 4 Life
  • Golf
  • Zumba
  • Football
  • Gardening
  • Eco-club
  • Cookery
  • Choir
  • Lego
  • Mini Vinnies (Saint Vincent de Paul Society)

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Updated | 21st April, 2023 |

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Reception were fantastic during their Celebration of the Word to celebrate International Day of Dance this morning. We are so proud of how the children danced and spoke on the microphone. It was fantastic to see how much they have developed in confidence during this academic year!

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In PSHE, year 3 have been learning about ‘Economic Wellbeing’ our lesson this week was all about budgeting. The children were set a task of planning a class party with a budget of £20, they had to decide which items to buy as they did not have enough money to buy them all. This lesson […]

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