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School Surveys

When schools and parents/carers listen to each other and work together, they have a really positive impact on attainment and student well-being. This is why it is so important that schools work in partnership with their parents, from a child’s first days at school right through to when they leave.

Throughout your child’s time at school we will gather the views and opinions of you as parents/carers via a variety of means, using this page to give you an overview of the outcomes from your responses using the ‘You said’-‘We did’ headings.

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Updated | 3rd March, 2024 |

Latest News

Celebration of the Word

Reception were fantastic during their Celebration of the Word to celebrate International Day of Dance this morning. We are so proud of how the children danced and spoke on the microphone. It was fantastic to see how much they have developed in confidence during this academic year!

Economic Wellbeing

In PSHE, year 3 have been learning about ‘Economic Wellbeing’ our lesson this week was all about budgeting. The children were set a task of planning a class party with a budget of £20, they had to decide which items to buy as they did not have enough money to buy them all. This lesson […]

Year of Prayer-‘Our father’ Prayer Station

The children have been learning that 2024 has been designated a ‘Year of Prayer’ by Pope Francis, in preparation for the 2025 Jubilee Year ‘Pilgrims of Hope’. This month, the children are having the opportunity to go back to the very basics of prayer in focusing on the ‘Our Father’, taking part in some creative […]